Dear CHM members,

Our great star Anna Vissi will perform for the first time at Monte Carlo Salle des Etoiles – for one night gala, 25th September 2021, Saturday.
We will be very pleased to see you among us at this wonderful concert.

Anna Vissi Concert Program is as follows:
– 25th September 2021, Saturday – arrival to Monaco: we are going to Anna Vissi Concert at La Salle des Etoiles, for dinner. We will dance with her songs and have fun together.
– 26th September 2021, Sunday : free evening
– 27th September 2021, Monday : back home

Our friends who would like to spend more time in Monaco, please call reservations service 00 377 98 06 25 25 or write to

You may find valuable information (accommodation packages, Hotel rates, etc) at the link below.
The organizer  La Société des Bains de Mer – Monte-Carlo has provided  package prices of Hotel de Paris, Hotel Hermitage, Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel and Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel, for 2 guests or 1 guest, and for 2 nights or 1 night.
Airtickets and airport transfers are not included,  the interested members and friends should organize their own plane tickets and airport hotel transfers.


We suggest you to confirm your reservation as soon as possible due to excess demand for the concert.
Tickets from  357€: 
and greek menu




It is worth noting that Anna Vissi’s concert in Monaco will support an environmental cause, as part of the proceeds will be donated to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to support its Monk Seal Alliance (MSA) initiative dedicated to the conservation of this emblematic Mediterranean species. Classified as endangered, the Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus Monachus) finds refuge on the small Cycladic island of Gyaros, which in the past has historically been a place of exile and imprisonment. In fact, environmental organizations have succeeded in turning the island of Gyaros into a refuge for the seal. Efforts like the ones in Gyaros to protect the species have borne fruit, and the Greek islands count one of the largest subpopulations in the Mediterranean today. Continued and strengthened conservation effort is vital to ensure that the species can continue to prosper. The Monk Seal Alliance  supports practical conservation action to protect the Mediterranean monk seal and its habitat throughout the species’ range at the local, national and regional levels.Partner of the concert:
the international private bank based in Monaco, CMB Monaco
PR & Media Contact:
Harris Davlas (Davlas & PaRtners), email:
About the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation
Inspired by his own observations and in the light of the alarming scientific evidence, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco made a personal commitment by launching, in 2006, his Foundation to act against the environmental dangers threatening our planet and making populations vulnerable. The Foundation focuses its efforts on three principal domains of action: climate change, biodiversity and water resources, and funds initiatives in the fields of research and studies, technological innovation, and socially aware practices. In order to take action for the protection of nature, the Foundation supports projects in three main geographical regions: the Mediterranean Basin, the Polar Regions, and the Least Developed Countries.To learn more, visit

Η Άννα Βίσση θα δώσει συναυλία στο Μονακό ως καλεσμένη του Πρίγκιπα Αλβέρτου Β’

MONACO : Anna VISSI en concert au Sporting Monte-Carlo le 25 septembre 2021

A Monaco, la chanteuse grecque Anna Vissi en concert à la rentrée pour la protection des phoques